Hello, my name is Dzon, which is short for Jonathan. I am known to some for my work as a town and community councillor in the Pontypridd constituency in Wales, where I furthered public policy in the form of access to the Internet through Wi-Fi and a council presence in Cyberspace. To others I am know for my work in online communities, e-learning, Internet trolling and cyberlaw.

I also happen to be the leader of a political party – The Pluralist Party – which aims to remove the ‘party’ from ‘party politics’. The Pluralist Party’s hierarchy of which I am leader is purely administrative without any authority over members. It’s only members are serving politicians and prospective candidates who are autonomous and accountable only to those they represent or whose vote they seek.

It is an experiment, and should mean things like the ‘Party Whip’, ‘Party Policy’ and ‘Party Leader’ disappear as ‘politicians’, for want of a better word, focus on meeting the needs of the public by not having to worry about the conflicts of interests they have within their party, as a result of there being no  ‘grassroots members’ who are more likely to put ideology before the public interest.

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